A New Start

Years ago I started a blog called In My World. I kept up with it for years here and there… mostly there… and I was beginning to feel it was pointless. That’s when I decided to start a whole new blog especially geared towards more specific things. This blog is going to be about many topics, but I will be a bit more private about my personal life and focus in on more everyday occurrences. You’ll find things like recipes, DIY projects, health finds, family ideas and more. I am hoping that while I try out new things in my life and see what does and doesn’t work, that I can then share them with you!

I have been known for my love of hobbies. I do not have just one hobby – I have several! And while I do enjoy just about everything that I have tried, I often get bored and move onto the next project. I am one for variety in life. So you will most likely see a lot of different things posted on here. I will also be posting information on things that have not worked for me.

Thank you for reading the first post of my new blog! I hope to get a great jump-start and really take off with it. Please follow or subscribe to keep updated on all my posts.

Below is a poll with a couple questions about your favorite interests. It will help me to generate future posts towards the most popular topics out there. I appreciate your vote!

I look forward to the fun ahead, and can’t wait to start experimenting with new projects, recipes, health secrets and more!


The Happy Homemaker


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