Father’s Day Ideas

Last year for Father’s Day, I was pregnant with our daughter, Layla. We didn’t know at the time if she would be a boy or girl, but I still wanted to give my husband something for Father’s Day. After all, you are already parents before the baby is born! I bought a gender neutral pack of onesies that said “I love Daddy” and surprised him with a cute card. Now Layla is 7 months old, and it is time to start thinking of all the Father’s Days in the future and coming up with creative ways to let him know we love him!

Pinterest is my go-to place for things like this, so I have collected a few to share with you. Here are some of my favorites! I know that some of these ideas are meant to be from really young children, so I’ve tried to include some for the older ones as well. Just click on the photos below and it will take you directly to the site. Have fun!


I absolutely love this idea! I may save it for another year when my daughter is older, and we possibly have more children. It is a FREE printable and so easy to assemble! Just make sure to plan ahead. :)

I love this idea on The 36th AVENUE. While I was not able to get a picture on here, you can just trust that this is another awesome idea! And there are free printables for you. How awesome is that?! I would say this has to be a pretty easy gift to whip together.


This adorable photo collage displaying things kids love about the men in their life is the PERFECT Fathers' Day gift!

Really cute idea. Yet again, another FREE printable comes along with it!



This has to be one of my FAVORITES ever! How easy could this be? And how cute to keep up with every year.

Decorating golf balls as a great father's day activity and gift

Does Dad like golf? Here is a fun idea! Not only for young ones, but could be fun for older kids as well to personalize for their dad.


An activity jar for daddy and son/daughter. This is brilliant!


Those are a few that I have seen on Pinterest that stood out to me. I love handmade gifts. They are so special, and I am sure daddy will love something you put time into too. There are sooo many other ideas on Pinterest, so check it out and get to work on creating a fun, memorable Father’s Day for the dad you love!

Other Father’s Day activities:

Breakfast in Bed – this isn’t just for the mom! Serve daddy breakfast in bed to make him feel like a true king!

Picnic at the Park or the Beach (depending on where you live). Bring along some games and things to do!

Go out for Ice Cream. YUM!

Shop at his favorite stores, and let him pick out a gift he will truly love.

Take him mini-golfing!

Go out to eat – maybe take a little trip to a special place that he doesn’t get to go often.

Let him kick back at home while you wait on him – sometimes the simple things are the most relaxing and fun for him.

End the day with a funny movie and popcorn while you snuggle.

Make dad a special dessert, whether it is fresh baked cookies or a cake you made up the day before. Don’t forget to make sure it is his absolute favorite!

Try to have the refrigerator and pantry stocked with his most loved food and drinks. Give him a “menu” that he can order from throughout the day and you can be his waiter/waitress! He will be sure to feel special.


Most of all, tell dad you love and appreciate all he does. That alone will make his heart happy, and put a smile on his face for the whole day. :) Enjoy your Father’s Day!


The Happy Homemaker

*None of the ideas in the photos are mine! All were ideas taken from Pinterest and copied off their websites. 

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