How to Strip Towels & Cloth Diapers

After using our towels for a year or two, they started to become smelly and not at all nice to dry off with after a shower. No matter how much detergent I used, I couldn’t get them to smell fresh again. That is, until I ran into the idea of stripping them! No wonder they weren’t returning to their original clean and fresh smell. The detergent I had been using was building up and causing them to not only stop absorbing water, but to be stinky as well.

The same goes for things like cloth diapers. Over time they will begin to smell and leak even if you use a non-residue detergent. So, once every couple months or so, try using this method to stripping your towels and diapers. It is super simple and really works!

All you need is vinegar, washing soda andΒ really hot water. Β 

Here’s my method:

I have a top loading washer, but it can work with a front loader too…

1. Set washer to the HOTTEST WATER setting possible and add about 1 cup of vinegar.

2. Throw in towels (if doing your diapers, then make sure they have been washed first) and run it through one wash. Sometimes if they are really bad, I use the soak setting for this step.

3. Next, set washer to the COLD WATER setting and run through with 1/2 cup of washing soda.

This should be enough to refresh your towels and diapers. If they still smell then go through these steps all over again. No need to run another load with detergent. Just stick your items in the dryer on LOW and dry thoroughly.

They come out smelling super fresh! So easy!

The Happy Homemaker

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