Saving Money at Target

target-bullseyeTarget has to be one of my favorite places to shop for everyday essential items. One of the reasons I shop there more than others is because of the deals I get just about every time I am there. I’m not talking about just their clearance items (I do love finding those!), but the various ways I am able to save money every time. Many people clip coupons and do well with that. I have not gotten big into that part of the shopping world, but I do have ways I save money every time I swipe my card at Target. 

Have you heard of the Cartwheel app? I downloaded that onto my smartphone a while ago now. It is basically discounts for items at their store. Anywhere from 5% – 30% off of items sometimes. You have a “cart” on the app to put coupons into and when you check out they scan the bar code from your phone. All of the discounts come off at once, so no standing there waiting for coupons to be scanned. Every time I am in Target, I look on the Cartwheel app as I go to see if there is a deal on a different brand. There are a lot of discounts on there for the up&up brand, which I have been impressed with. I can hardly tell the difference in a lot of the up&up products, versus top name brand items. I love saving 5% or more on my disposable diapers and wipes too! They give you the option of scanning bar codes on items right from your phone to look for savings if you don’t have the time to search. That is pretty fun. 

But did you know that you can use Cartwheel online too? Just check out the deals they are offering ahead of time online, put them in your Cartwheel “cart” and print off the bar code! I didn’t even know about that until now. It even shows a total of how much you have saved using Cartwheel. Using Cartwheel alone, I have saved almost $19 so far. Doesn’t seem like much, but that does not include other coupons or my REDcard savings this year. 

If that isn’t cool enough already, you can receive text alerts on your phone for extra coupons each month that you can use in addition to your Cartwheel. You can also go to and print off a bunch of coupons there. Target only accepts one store coupon (either from your text alerts or printed from and one manufacturer coupon per item. Cartwheel is just a bonus on top of those and can even be used on clearance items. 

I put off getting a REDcard for a while, until I found out you can get a Target Debit card. Works just like any debit card and you save an extra 5% each time you use it. That 5% comes off your grand total. My husband and I do not own a credit card, so this was a really helpful option for us.

I love getting deals, and it is fun seeing $ come off my total after they have scanned all my discounts and coupons… and the REDcard. If you haven’t heard of these saving deals from Target before, then you should check them out! It can be a lot of fun to shop and find you can save money on simple things like flour and sugar to diapers and wipes.

Check out Target’s coupon policy here.

If you have other ways you save at Target, please let me know in the comments section!

The Happy Homemaker

*I am in no way affiliated with Target. All opinions and reviews are all from a happy and satisfied customer.* 

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