Shelf Lining

I am working on “reblogging” some of my posts from my last personal blog. Some of the things on there are perfect for putting on The Happy Homemaker, so here is a new DIY for you to try! This was taken from November of 2012. This project is fairly simple, yet leaves a huge impact on your shelves. You go from blah to beautiful all in a matter of an hour, give or take. Have fun!!


As I was cleaning the other day before Thanksgiving, I spied some shelf liner in my cabinet that I bought quite a while ago to use. I had been ignoring the fact that I really needed to line my pantry with the pretty chevron pattern for quite some time… so finally I decided to be brave and just do it. ;)

I found the shelf liner at T.J Maxx for $5.99. Can’t beat that!

This is the pantry before. SO sorry for the blurred picture.Β 

I didn’t realize it until now, but you get the general idea of how blah it was.

The supplies needed: cleaner (for the shelves), measuring tape, scissors and shelf liner.

I measured the length of the shelf and then used the helpful grid on the back of the liner to cut a straight line. Adhering it to the shelf is easy once you get it all straight and lined up! The liner is sooo forgiving. I must have peeled it up at least 6 times the first round. Since it wasn’t wide enough, I just cut extra pieces and tried to match up the pattern the best I could.

I like the end result. It took time, but is so worth it. And now I will know the tricks for next time! :)

IDEA: Note my cooking magazines lining the back of the shelf. This is a good way to utilize them after you are finished going through them. Try to pull out the right issue for each season. It’s pretty and reusable each year!

Check out your T.J Maxx or Marshalls for more pretty shelf liners. There are some gorgeous patterns!

The Happy Homemaker

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