Three Cheese Scones

These gorgeous scones caught my eye as I was perusing Pinterest. Oh, they would be perfect to go along with dinner… any dinner, really. But a really yummy comfort meal, specifically. I clicked the link and knew I had to make them after seeing how easy they would be.


I am no pro photographer, nor do I have editing software, so this is as good as it gets! Not nearly as gorgeous as Will Cook For Smile’s photos, but you get the general idea of how amazingly fluffy and delicious they look.

I had become so lazy with dinner preparations ever since having a baby. My robust enthusiasm towards cooking special meals and baking extra treats had gotten lost somewhere, and I found myself wanting it back. I will spare you the personal details of how life has been for me lately, but I am so thankful to be feeling motivation to get more done.

All this to say, while you yourself may not have the gumption to whip up some elaborate dinner, these scones are not at all difficult and will be a wonderful addition to your weeknight meal.

When I think of scones, I think of it between bread and a biscuit. You know, texture-wise. I saw these on Pinterest and almost thought they were supposed to be biscuits… or rolls… or, oh, they are scones! Cool. Savory and cheesy. Mmm, I just had to try them out.


They came out fantastic, and even the baby loved them. I added and replaced a couple of ingredients, but overall I will make these again. I did not roll and cut them into circles. I took the lazy way out. I patted the dough and then cut them into the usual scone shape of a triangle. I hate making roll-out biscuits because I dread the whole roll-out, cut-out, re-roll-out, cut-out process, if you know what I mean. This was the easy way out. :)

Here are the things I did just a bit differently:

Used my food processor for the whole mixing process. 

Did not have buttermilk, so used regular 2% milk and a splash of lemon juice.

Cut them into triangles rather than circles.

Dusted the top with olive oil cooking spray and garlic powder in addition to the dill. Egg wash would have made them prettier, but again, I was too lazy. 

Used only cheddar cheese, and freshly grated it from a block. Orange cheese might have made them prettier too, but I used what I had on hand.



The scones paired well with a meal like this, consisting of parmesan chicken drumsticks, green beans and Israeli couscous and grains medley.

Pop on by to Will Cook For Smiles and get her recipe. She hit the nail right on the head with these babies. I am almost embarrassed to admit that we ate the whole batch within 24 hours. Mostly my husband, mind you. ;)


 The Happy Homemaker


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