Giovanni Shampoo & Conditioner Product Review

TTS-8Not too long ago, I was checking out the “natural beauty” section at Target and came across Giovanni brand shampoo and conditioner. At the time, there were $1 off coupons on each of the bottles, so I was even more motivated to try them out. Over the last year and a half, I have really tried to be careful what I bathe and wash my hair in, especially avoiding anything with sulfates, parabens, dyes and fragrance. Straight from Giovanni’s website, they state that their products contain: “no parabens,  sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or animal by-products. Cruelty-free-never tested on animals, pH Balanced and biodegradable formulas with recyclable packaging”.

Both my husband and I use this shampoo. We use the Tea Tree oil blend and love how invigorating it makes your scalp feel. 

“Giovanni was one of the first “natural” salon hair care products and today is the #1 selling Natural Hair Care brand in the United States Natural Products Industry”. 

While it can seem pricey for a 8.5 fl.oz. bottle of shampoo at $7.95, it is worth every penny because of how it works and what it does not contain. Believe it or not, I found a huge bottle of this shampoo at the Marshalls just down the street, and it was HALF the retail price. We were so excited to find such a great buy, because we love this shampoo. They do have quite a variety of other types of shampoo and conditioner to choose from, as well. We stuck with the Tea Tree Triple Treat because we loved it so much. It makes your scalp tingle and feel so clean!  

I am recommending this product to anyone looking to go more natural, but not break the bank. There are so many other products out there that are over-the-top expensive. This stuff is quality, and you know you are doing yourself a huge favor by keeping it natural.

The Happy Homemaker 


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