French Press Coffee | Chambord Bodum French Press – Review

1923-16So I finally did it. I bought a French press coffee maker. I never really realized how much people actually use a French press until I did a little research. The carafe to my drip coffee maker needs to be replaced, so I have not been able to use it for quite some time. Huge bummer. Rather than try to find a replacement, I decided to look into a French press. Number one – it is so cute and small, easy to take with you. Number two –  I had read that it was the absolute best way to make coffee. Number three – it’s quick, simple, and easy to clean.

I caved in and bought one after checking them out online. I obviously did not want to spend a whole lot on one, yet I didn’t want some cheapy French press either. I decided on a Bodum 8 cup press, and I purchased it at Target. It looked like better quality than some of the cheaper ones. I took it home and immediately tried it out. First off, let me say that this French press feels like quality. It has a glass carafe and a stainless steel holder. I didn’t have coarse ground coffee beans hanging around, so my first go at it didn’t quite work out well. But after a few tries, my coffee came out great. It is definitely trial and error to getting the right cup that suits your taste. I like mine strong, but not so strong that it tastes bitter. I don’t recommend using 1 TBSP. of ground coffee per 4 oz. cup. That is too strong for me! But I have figured out what works for me, and let me tell you, it is amazing. After a while of drinking drip coffee, you start to get the coffee maker taste, if you know what I mean. This method leaves you with a pure, smooth coffee and it’s delicious.

If you love coffee, then you should try this. While it doesn’t make as much in quantity as a drip coffee maker can, it is perfect for those who only need to make a few cups at a time. That was another big reason I liked the French press. I always felt I needed to make 1/2 a pot in my drip maker for it to taste okay. I then ended up throwing half of that away and felt so wasteful. The French press is perfect for making anywhere from 1-3 cups at a time. Just be careful not to let your coffee sit in the carafe for too long with the beans… it gets really, really strong and bitter after a while.

Coincidentally, Ali from Gimme Some Oven pinned a tutorial she wrote recently on her website about French Press coffee. Along with her beautiful photos of the process, she explains some good tips on how to get the best cup of coffee. Check out her tutorial here.

I am still learning, and I’m sure it will take more time and tricks to getting a better cup of coffee. But here is my take on the whole French press thing, and I hafta say… I LOVE IT!

The Happy Homemaker

One thought on “French Press Coffee | Chambord Bodum French Press – Review

  1. If this doesn’t blow your socks off, next time you can adjust the intensity by adding more (or, gasp, less) coffee grounds, and by adjusting the steeping time. To retain your coffee’s heat if you’re not going to drink it immediately, pour it into (and store it in) a water-warmed thermal carafe.

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