Envelope Tutorial {with Step-by-Step Pictures}

Ever gone to send out a card, letter or even a bill payment and come to find you are out of envelopes? Or maybe you would like to save some money and make your own, because we all know that pretty envelopes can be costly! Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make your own. Once you get the hang of it, making one takes less than 5 minutes. Maybe even less than that!

Want to know the best part? It is customizable toΒ any size,Β and you can use any paper you want! Computer paper, scrapbook paper, or even light cardstock are some of your choices. Computer paper is perfect for making a simple, plain envelope for almost anything. If you are looking for a fancier way to dress up an envelope, then scrapbook paper is perfect. The inside will show your pretty design, while leaving the outside cover white for an easy writing surface. Cardstock or kraft paper are some durable and rustic options. I personally feel like using kraft paper (postal wrapping paper/butcher paper/etc.) could be perfect for my Christmas cards this year! You could even reuse large paper bags… an excellent way to recycle.

Start by gathering your supplies. Paper of your choice, Elmer’s glue stick, scissors and whatever you will be mailing.



1. Lay out the item you will be filling the envelope with onto your paper. You will be using this throughout the whole project. Position it in the middle of your paper. If using a patterned scrapbook sheet, make sure it is facing right side up if you would like the design lining the inside of your envelope.



2. Next, fold the bottom half of your paper up so it lines the bottom of the card. Fold the top down as well. You should have about 1/4 inch of extra space around your card so it does not end up too tight.



3. Now open your paper back up and notice the fold indents. Using your scissors, you are going to cut slits right along the crease until you come about 1/4 inch away from the card. Do so on both sides.



4. Fold both flaps over the card. Then fold the bottom half of the paper up over the flaps. Now you are going to fold both sides of the bottom piece towards the middle at a slight angle. Once your angles have been folded, cut along the creases.



5. Using Elmer’s glue, swipe it along the only the side edges, then fold up onto the middle flaps. Press down firmly to ensure it will stay in place.


6. Time to cut the top flap. Cut at whatever angle you want, then use your cutoff piece as a guide for the other side. This will make the angles even and take away the guess work.




The perfect envelope. To seal, just use more glue along the bottom edge.


Making your own envelope can come in very handy with cardmaking also. If you choose some unique size for a card and can’t find an envelope that works well with it, then this is your solution. Plus, it’s a pretty fun project!

Happy Crafting!

The Happy Homemaker

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