Etsy Shop

I finally brought myself to create an Etsy shop. Have I thought about doing it before? Yes, many times. Yet, I didn’t quite know if what I made would sell, or if it would be worth my time. However, I recently figured it was worth a shot. Being a stay-at-home mom is such a wonderful privilege and blessing (I’m not gonna lie – it has it’s days!), but there is always the need for a little extra cash in our house. I love to craft, especially crochet, so I thoughtΒ why not!Β 

My shop’s name is AJHansenHandmade. All the good names I initially wanted were already taken. ;) I am so excited to see what will happen! My hope is that I can make items at my own pace and then list them. I’m afraid made-to-order would get too overwhelming for me at this point (I don’t have tons of time on my hands!), but I am open to special orders if you have a specific request.

Please share my shop, and get ready for more specially, handmade items coming soon!

You can find my shopΒ here. I have all baby items currently, but will be listing a lacy, heather grey scarf as soon as I finish it!

The Happy Homemaker

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