One-Pot Turkey Sausage and Noodles | Recipe Review

I will admit it, I have been neglecting the blog for a couple of weeks now. Every day I think about how I am going to get everything done and get to a blog post. Life has been so crazy lately. I mean it – for real! I am in the midst of so many things right now, pulled in at least fifteen different directions. How do moms do it and manage to blog at the same time?!

Well here I am. Finally just setting everything aside for a few minutes to share a wonderful recipe with you. Do you feel like I do right now? No time to get what you want to get done? Okay, so honestly I feel that way all of the time, but I really really am feeling it lately. A baby and husband to take care of (can we say that is a full-time job in and of itself?!?!), a house to clean, laundry to fold (a huge mountain on my couch) projects to be done, new crochet orders to fill, a birthday party to plan, party plans to fulfill, places to go during the week, blog posts to create… meals to make each night. Oh, maybe some sleep at night. Maybe.

Are you tired?

So here is a meal you can make in one pot, in under 30 minutes, during your chaotic, stressful, almost never boring life! I tried this recipe last week, and I’ve got to say it is one of the most flavorful pasta dishes I have ever made. You cook with egg noodles, which I love, and they simmer in veggies, broth and milk to make a creamy sauce.

And to make it even better, the recipe calls for turkey sausage… and cheese. :) I just loved this recipe. I really enjoy cooking and all, but some nights I just can’t take the time to spend over an hour in the kitchen making dinner. This is another quick and easy meal that will cut down on dinner stress, and make your taste buds smile. Don’t even try to tell me that taste buds don’t smile. They do.

And believe it or not, this recipe is on the healthy side. Well, except the parmesan cheese, but I have never counted fat or calories from that. In my world, there are none when it concerns parmesan cheese! ;-)

Turkey Sausage Skillet One Pot Turkey Sausage and NoodlesHere’s the recipe, friends. Please try it. One pot, hardly any prep. What’s not to love?

Please forgive me for not keeping up with my blog lately. I really have so much to share. Once my daughter’s party is over with this weekend (I really am excited about it!), I will have party ideas to post, as well as more Thanksgiving goodies.

Enjoy your evening!

The Happy Homemaker

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