Sugar & Spice 1st Birthday Party | Part 1

I had been anxiously and excitedly waiting as my sister edited all of the photos from my daughter’s 1st birthday party. It is a wonderful thing having a photographer in the family (she is amazing, by the way)! Visit her Facebook page here. But then I got busy, and every time I went to edit my post here something would interrupt. I am determined to finish this post this morning before the day gets busy! Happy Friday, by the way. :)

Everything came out so lovely for my daughter’s first party, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! While some may spend hundreds of dollars on a party for their child, I chose the more affordable route, yet kept it as pretty and exciting as possible.

The planning was a lot of fun! I found a couple ideas on Pinterest, and then kind of ran with it. Our main colors were mint, pastel pink and gold. I love that color combination, and I knew it would be beautiful for sweet baby girl’s first party.

I know some people may think that putting a lot of work into a first birthday party is not worth it, but that wasn’t the case for us. No matter how much time and energy I put into this, it was worth every minute to me! What a special, fun day with our family. We will all look back on it with fondness at the delight and fascination of a 12-month-old opening her gifts and eating her first taste of cake.

This will be part 1 of our Sugar & Spice party theme, and I will work on getting a part 2 up soon. Part 2 will share recipes, as well as how to create some of the party decorations.

This was our party invitation. We only invited family and extended family, so it did not require a ton of effort getting them out! More on this in the later posting.

address erase invitation for blog


I created these using Photoshop and backed them with cardstock. I originally wanted to frame them, but ran out of time. The floral arrangement was made from various flower bunches I found at Michaels and the Dollar Store!


Above is the dessert table. We decided on an assortment of finger desserts, because of the Sugar & Spice theme.

Mini Pumpkin SPICE cupcakes. :)


Dipped pretzels.



The food table, which consisted of: chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, cheeseburger soup, veggie platter, chips and dip and spinach and kale salad.


My sister (AlyssaBeth Photography) made this backdrop for Layla’s cake smash. We used it for family pictures as well. It was exactly how I pictured when I asked her to create something. She did a fabulous job!



Tags to describe the food items.


Vintage paper straws. So fun to use!


Birthday banner.


Rag garland.


The setup of the party. We alternated between mint tablecovers and pink tablecovers.


The tables were set with gold plates, a pink napkin, pink cups and a bowl for the soup. If you look closely, there is pink and glittery gold confetti scattered over the tablecloth.


I made a rag garland for her high chair out of mint and pink fabric, and hung it on glittery gold ribbon.


Opening her gifts.


The cake. Nothing special, but it worked. :)


The cake smash.



She actually ate her cake all lady-like at first…


Feeding her daddy cake. I’m in love with this picture!


Photo garlands.


We love our little one-year-old.


I couldn’t have done without the help of my husband and family. My husband took Friday off just to help me get everything ready, especially the food preparation. We had some people volunteer to bring food, so that helped us out too. Definitely designate small jobs to family members to lighten your load. I was able to enjoy myself and have a stress-free party because of lots of planning ahead and delegating jobs.

What matters the most is savoring every moment, whether or not your party ends up exactly how you imagined. Everything will be beautiful to you if you take the time to let everything go and enjoy these special moments! I certainly shed a couple tears at her party. It was just so meaningful to look back at that very first year of being parents and see how far we have come.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these party ideas. I look forward to sharing instructions for the decorations, as well as recipes for a couple items.

Have a great weekend!

The Happy Homemaker

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