My Favorite No-Knead Bread

I started making this bread a couple of years ago, and recently pulled the recipe out again. I’ve tried basic bread recipes before where you knead the bread, let it rise, etc. and it has just never worked out well for me. It’s probably just because I am impatient and really bad at baking anything with yeast! Until I came across this recipe…


Don’t you just want to pick it up and smell it?!Β 

All you have to do is mix unbleached flour, salt, yeast and water. That’s IT. You let it rise for many many hours (18+ hours, usually overnight) and bake in a Dutch oven (or any oven-proof pot with a lid). It’s simple, and it is soo good. It’s a hearty bread, delicious with a nice spread of butter on top! There are many flavors yummy treats you can add to the dough, but I have yet to try any. Once you get the basic method down, the possibilities are endless on what you can add to make the bread extra special. These little loaves make perfect gifts too!

So, if you’re like me and homemade bread isn’t typically your thing, try this recipe. I can assure you that it will be put in your “make again” recipe collection! :) You’ll feel so proud as you pull this beauty out of the oven, and smile in satisfaction when you say, “I made this!”. There’s just something so satisfying about baking your own bread. Forget that cheap, fluffy white stuff you find at the store. ;)

Now, let me just warn you… your first loaf might not exactly be perfect. But that will just make you want to try again and tweak it here and there. Too dry? Just add a bit more water. Too flat? Cut back on the liquid. There are lots and lots of reviews on this recipe, as well as many tips on how to get it to work for you. So, hop on over toΒ Simply So GoodΒ for detailed instructions.

Let me know how you like it! Bread baking… is there anything more heavenly? I know you’ll just love it.

The Happy Homemaker

(The photo above is my own. Can you believe I made that?!)



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