Summer Fresh Corn & Zucchini Chowder

I had recently been given a very large zucchini from someone’s garden. ‘Tis the season for fresh veggies! I used half of it in a recipe last week, so decided to find a new recipe to use the other half. I found this summer chowder on Pinterest and knew I just had to try it. It sounded so yummy!

Of course, I had to omit the bacon (hubby hates pork), and didn’t have all of the ingredients I needed, like carrots, celery and fresh herbs. But it still came out pretty incredible. I substituted the carrots with sweet potato chunks, which was almost similar to a carrot in texture in taste anyway. Another tip she gave for a thick chowder without the need for flour or heavy cream was to give half of it a quick zip in the food processor. I was too lazy to do that, so I just took a slotted spoon and smashed a bunch of it up against the pot. It worked just as well and saved me time (and more dishes!).

We sprinkled grated parmesan cheese and quite a few dashes of hot sauce on top. My, it was good. The cheese always takes dishes to another notch, but the hot sauce was really what did it for us. It just gave it that perfect amount of heat to a fresh and sweet dish. Call me weird, but I toasted up an english muffin with a smear of butter to dip into the chowder. It satisfied alllll the cravings of a tired, busy mama like me.


Photo from Little Broken blog. Check out her other photos of this delicious chowder!

Today, I had the leftovers for lunch and ate it cold from the fridge. It wasΒ even betterΒ than the night before! The flavors had time to meld together in the fridge overnight and it was the perfect, refreshing cold lunch for a summer day. I love this chowder. I want to eat it every day. And really, it is a low calorie meal, so I could eat it every day if I wanted to. :D

Check out her recipe and get to making this wonderful meal!

The Happy Homemaker

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