Homemade Sandwich Bread

It’s the end of January, and most of our days are stuck inside lately. The weather hasn’t necessarily been our typical New England winter, but it also hasn’t been very inviting. That makes for some very long days stuck inside with two littles!

It also makes me want to bake. There’s just something about cold days giving the urge to get in the kitchen and bake something. The result is usually a warm treat from the oven… fresh and comforting. Like bread? Ah yes,Β bread…

The best homemade bread recipe on I Heart Nap Time

I’ve never been great with anything involving yeast. There’s something intimidating about getting dough to rise. Or, there was… until now! I decided to give my hand a try at homemade bread again. My past experiences have resulted in heavy, dense bread that never rose appropriately. Like I said, the thought of getting dough to rise intimidated me. It just never worked out! I tried this recipe from I Heart NaptimeΒ and fell in love after my first batch. Not only was it just a simple recipe, but it came with clear instructions (and even a short video clip!) of tips on the process. I love visuals. :)Β Learn how to make homemade bread like a pro on I Heart Nap Time


So if you’re intimidated like I was when it comes to the homemade bread department, give this recipe a try. The bread is just absolutely delicious. It has just the perfect amount of sweetness and is super light and fluffy. Ahh, it’s just so good! :) Add it to your favorite soup for dinner, make crusty grilled cheese, pop it in the toaster and slather it with butter and jam…

I’m drooling.

Go check it out. Grab a few necessary items at the grocery store, then take a morning or afternoon to give it a try.

You’ll love it. And so will your family! Guarantee. ;)

Happy Winter Baking!

The Happy Homemaker


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