Mystic, CT

My husband and I recently had our 4 year anniversary. It’s amazing how much can happen in a short amount of time! We hadn’t been away for a vacation in over 3 years, let alone a short getaway by ourselves since Layla has been born (that would be 19 months!). So we bought a Groupon deal and saved all our cash in a jar so we could get away for a couple of days!

My aunt and uncle both highly recommended a trip to Mystic, CT. I had heard so many people say we just had to take a trip there sometime. After all, it’s only about 1 1/2 hours from where we live! Being about 1.5 weeks away from my 3rd trimester in pregnancy, we knew that now was a great time to go if we were going to get away before baby arrives in September.

Our accommodations were at the Bellissimo Grande Hotel in North Stonington, CT, just a little ways from the Mystic Seaport. When I thought of Connecticut before, I never would have known that a lot of the Mystic Country really is “country”. Lots of beautiful farms and winding back roads to get from our hotel to Mystic. Many people just think of the casinos down in that area, but we weren’t there for that part of it. :) Below I will show a few photos of our time away and places that I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance to travel to Mystic, CT.

Our time away was cold and rainy. But still very romantic and fun!


 Our first food stop was Mystic Pizza II in Stonington (there is another Mystic Pizza right in Mystic). We built our own small pizza and shared an appetizer. Mine was fresh mozzarella with roasted red peppers and sausage. It was divine! Such good pizza.




We stayed at the Bellisimo Grande Hotel in North Stonington. It is a luxury hotel. We had a good experience, but honestly I felt the only luxurious part was the curtains and bedding. Hahha. We had a Jacuzzi tub right in our room. The bed was very comfortable and we slept very well!


Below is my husband digging into a lava cake. :) We stopped at Bartleby’s Café since I had a hankering (okay, pregnancy craving) for coffee and a sweet. He also enjoyed an iced caramel machiatto.



Kitchen Little was recommended to us and we are so glad we tried it out! It is featured in many different magazines, including Gourmet and Yankee magazine. It’s tucked in this marina! It was so cool to see all the different boats and such and enjoy a view of the water.



Our food was absolutely incredible. I’ve never had such a tasty breakfast! I ordered the biscuits and sausage gravy. It came with scrambled eggs and home fries. All for a very low price. We were so impressed and even got to see the chef behind the food! We ended up going there again the next day for breakfast because we liked it so much.



We shopped along Mystic Seaport right where the drawbridge is. It was rainy, but not too bad. At first we were bummed because many of the shops were closed! But they opened up later on and we stopped into this ice cream place to warm up with a coffee and pastry.


Below is a pecan bar with chocolate drizzle. It was so good. The coffee was also very good!


Mystic drawbridge.


Not too far from the drawbridge is another store that sells spices, teas, flavored sugars and salts and more. It’s called The Spice and Tea Exchange. It was a fun place to stop! They had many different blends of spices and teas. The flavored sugars and salts were also amazing. We picked up a couple of things for gifts and definitely would visit again!

On Monday night we had our special “expensive” meal. We dressed up and picked a place with some specialty food. It is so hard to pick a place with all the options available! We were extremely happy with our visit to Anthony J’s Bistro! We ordered crab cakes for an appetizer, which literally melted in your mouth. I got their Carbonara and Kyle got lobster filled ravioli in a cream sauce with broccoli. It was great, quality food! We took dessert “to go” and ate it later in our hotel. We were stuffed!


The Mystic Seaport Museum is right down the road from this area, but we decided to save that for a day where we could enjoy it more. The weather was pretty rainy and windy at times and very chilly for June 1st! There are so many things to do in Mystic, so we will be going back when we get the chance. On Tuesday, we checked out of our hotel, went and had breakfast, then headed to the Olde Mystick Village, which is basically shops. We enjoyed stopping at some cool stores, like a specialty Scandinavian shop, a pasta shop, a Southwestern shop and the general store. We spent almost 2 hours there walking through the rain and shopping. That about wrapped up our trip, and we felt like we had done about as much as we could do in the rainy weather.

It was a lot of fun spending time with just my husband. No time schedule and no responsibilities! Even driving in the rain down the country roads was just relaxing and fun for us. We missed our daughter a ton, but she did great without us for the first time!

Mystic is known for being right between Boston and New York, so if you are on your way through that area, it’s worth a stop!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our time away in Mystic, CT.

The Happy Homemaker